High Profile Corporate Hospitality Events in Liverpool

We have worked in the industry for almost 50 years organising corporate events
including team building, corporate hospitality, fun days, business conferences
& themed events. Here we share our knowledge about hospitality in Liverpool with you.

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Make Your Business Conference More Engaging

The more involved the attendees are the more exciting and thrilling they will have. A conference will be more successful, in the attendee learn a lot from it. So, what is the best way to make your conference a successful one?

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Event Management - Reducing Stress

Planning business events could be demanding. So as for event organiser to keep they customer and of course themselves excited and interested about future events, it is important to shake things up a little bit from time to time.

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Managing a Corporate Event

Organising hospitality events is not an overnight task; however it needs a critical organisation and persistent attention to every detail. If the whole thing goes off with no hitch, it frequently goes without sign, then again when something goes skewed; it is a public presentation of failure.

How to Choose the Perfect Venue

Looking for the right venue and location for hospitality events is one of the most essential decisions you will make as an event planner or organiser. Since, it is an important step in the whole process, the location you choose will affect almost each decision you make after that.

Sound daunting? Well, it doesn’t have to. If you have gathered knowledge of the event vibe and size, you could begin narrowing down your location options till the perfect place comes into focus. To assist you get started off, here are some tips to aid you as assess your next venue:

Liverpool FC Hospitality Venue

Hospitality packages that you can enjoy and matches all your needs are what Liverpool FC Football Hospitality is all about. It is said that Liverpool FC Football has a brilliant hospitality. You are not wrong to think that you can find it all here. You can find fantastic atmosphere, knowledgeable staffs, and very passionate people about Liverpool FC.

There is always something unique at Liverpool FC every time there are matches like the environment and enjoyment that you experience when you are in the club. A venue that is more brilliant and with those staffs that are very welcoming and friendly to guest and are highly efficient as well thereby ensuring that each one will have a very great time when in the club. Whether impressing your clients, treating your family, relatives, or friends, celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and holidays, Liverpool packages will surely meet all requirements that you set to make your day truly memorable.

The Match Day at Anfield – Best Football Hospitality Packages

Liverpool’s Red Bar is located at the Lower Centenary, considered as one of the most popular rooms at Anfield, has good environment for you to relax and is perfect for discussions and planning tactics with friends before the start of the game. The packages include a Liverpool match ticket from the lower Centenary Stand wing section, access to the red bars exclusively, chef’s hot dish serve before the start of the game, tea and coffee serve throughout the day, a Liverpool match program, the in lounge betting facilities, cash bar, TV satellites and lastly free Wi-Fi.

Seven and Eights Lounges, this was named after the very popular ex Liverpool players Keegan and Dalglish which they wore the no. 7 shirt, and in the remarkable honour to the former captain who wears the no. 8 shirt. Guests will surely enjoy the pre-match buffet before going to stand. The hospitality package includes seven lounge seats seven lounge seats that are located at the Lower Centenary stand’s Kop end, Eight lounge seats located at Anfield Road end of the Lower Centenary Stand, the special four-course buffet meal, the half- and full-time appetisers, free Wi-Fi the complimentary program for the match day, cash bar, in-lounge betting amenities, satellite TV’s, and the one St Domingo car park pass included for fur book seats.

The Large Executive Box you will experience watching the game in your own private surrounding from the executive boxes. This offers better than anyone else, service and finely made foods. It is the perfect place whether you are entertaining your friends or discussing with important clients this place is the best. The package includes exclusive use for up to 22 guests at a time, drink upon arrival, delicate five course meal before the game which also includes the beers, wines and soft drinks, half time tea and coffee, the dedicated host for your box, former player for Liverpool, program, match day gift, in lounge facilities, satellite broadcasting, and free Wi-Fi.

Boot Room Pre match is an ideal in relaxing and meeting up with friends before the game. Guests who are booking this package can know the history of Liverpool FC by this Club Museum. The package includes Boot Room located at the famous KOP Stand, match ticket in the Anfield Road Upper Stand, pre-match access, three-course meal, former player of Liverpool FC, and free Wi-Fi.

The Match Day Hospitality Venues

Isla Gladstone Conservatory located at Stanley Park, Liverpool, with a very beautiful example of Victorian Architecture. Guests will surely enjoyed the three course of meal served by the knowledgeable and friendly staffs. This Liverpool package includes Anfield Road Upper Stand match ticket, pre- and post-match access to Isla Gladstone Conservatory, cash bar, and former player.

Liverpool FC at the Hilton Hotel located at the right side of the heart of Liverpool One. The Hilton will start at about 4 ½ hours before kickoff and enjoying the three course meal. The package includes Upper Anfield Road Stand match ticket, reception drink upon arrival, and return coach transfers to and from the Anfield.

The Kemps is a local bistro but popular. The package includes match ticket in the Lower Anfield Road Stand, access Kemps before and after the match, one hot dish served in a day, post-match tea, coffee and sandwiches, cash bar and program.

The Sandon Liberty is great before you go to watch the game, you can find a great atmosphere and friendly staffs which are very welcoming to guests. If you want the football atmosphere it is just like the same as you were on the stadium and only feet away from the Anfield Stadium. Good mix of people and all ages are welcome.

The Centenary Club is one of the Liverpool hospitality perfect for important clients and guests located at the Champion’s Suite of the Centenary Stand which gives you a fantastic and exciting moment. It is a perfect place to see football. You can enjoy the delicious four course carvery luncheon, with a half time tea and coffee as well as sandwiches and coffee at full time. Thus, the Centenary Club offers a CCTV that covers the highlight of the game. Guest receives a match day programmer and a parking area. A former Liverpool legend will also be present to make your day more touching and memorable. This package also includes a Liverpool Match Ticket at the Upper Centenary Stand’ Executive Section, table in the European Lounge or exclusive Champions, complimentary drink upon arrival, in lounge facilities, cash bars, and free Wi-Fi.

Liverpool FC at the Titanic Hotel, the city is one of the most beautiful spots which have undergone renovations before it was one of the beautiful spots. The package is match ticket in the Lower Anfield Road Stand, access to the Titanic Hotel, former player for LFC, licensed cash bar, post-match tea, and so many others.

Liverpool FC at the Double Tree Hotel which is located at the heart of the city. The packages includes the Match ticket in Anfield Lower, reception drink, three course meal, parties of 8 and other will be accommodated.


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